Interior Designers

You expect the best from manufacturers. But you also expect flexibility and the desire to work closely to achieve a desired result.

Take scatter cushions for example.

At Starwell, there’s a variety of fillings to choose from:
– 100% Duck feather
– Feather/Fibre
– Feather/Foam
– Feather / Comfortfill
– 100% polyester
– 100% Comfortfill
– 15%Down/85%Feather
– 30%Down/70%Feather

As a designer, you want to be confident that you can custom make what ever shape and size you want and in any quantity from a one-off to hundreds.

All of our cushions will finish 2-3 cm larger than the actual size, so that when used as an insert it will fill out the outer covers entirely.
i.e. pushing the corners and edges out to their extremities, so that the cushions have a very “full” look to them, with no “saggy/floppy” edges.

We can individualize the manufacture of the cushions to your specific requirements.
i.e if you feel that the look is too full (plump) we can reduce the fill weight,
or alternatively add extra weight (fill) to even further fill out the cushions.

The japara twill casing is “down” proof, so that the feather quills will not protrude from the casing.

The casing used with the polyester cushions, can be used for outdoor applications.

The 100% Feather is a flatter looking style cushion.

The Feather/Fibre has a more plump looking style to it.

The Feather/Down combinations have a soft luxurious feel to them.

feather cushions