Fill Types

Types of Fills for Seats and Backs

Starwell’s cushion service will tailor make cushion inserts to suit your exact requirements. We work closely with furniture manufacturers and designers and most orders can be processed within 4-5 days. All Starwell cushion inserts are labelled with fill details and care instructions. Labels also detail your company name, furniture suite name, cushion name and date of manufacture.

Starfil ECO

Superior Earth Friendly Fibre Filling

Polyester Fibre cushions are soft and supportive, allowing the body to nestle into the cushioning.
• The Superior Fibre filling is non allergenic and odour free.
• Ideal for arm and back cushions as well as decorator scatter cushions and bolsters.


Durability with Softness and Comfort

Polyester Fibre is machine processed into tiny balls. These “balls” are made from siliconized fibre and do not clump together as much as normal Polyester ,thus ensuring a more lofty and resiliant, luxury feel .

Thousands of fibre balls are blown into the cushion to the required density. As the fibre balls are so small, a smooth even consistency is achieved. The fill readily conforms to your body’s shape and can be plumped up easily.

• Soft free-flowing fibreballs give down-like comfort and luxurious softness and fluffability.

• Thousands of fibre balls create an extremely durable product that maintains superior loft with regular plumping.

• Designed for applications where luxurious volume and loft is paramount.

• Non-allergenic and odour free.

Feather Mix

For that Exclusive Feel

Premium duck feathers that have been thoroughly washed, sterilised and graded are used in our feather and feather mix cushions.

Combined with fibre , Comfortfill Fibre, foam, duck down, our feather mixes or 100% Feather combinations are a quality product, to give our cushions the optimum level of support and comfort.

Be assured , the Starwell brand is your guarantee of quality, design, materials and workmanship.

Combining these fills with Starwell’s custom cushion construction techniques makes your furniture,”furniture you sit in – not sit on”.

• Specially selected small duck feather

• Blending the traditional comfort and feel of feathers with a variety of
other fills.


Easy care: Just plump up cushions to return them to their original look and feel.


Types of Feather Mix Fills For
Seats and Backs

To enhance the performance of feathers, they are often mixed with
other filling materials and this process also gives the feather cushions a plumper look and a greater ability to bounce back.The feather mix fills are blended to Starwell’s specification to achieve the optimum level of support and comfort for each furniture design.

The fibre balls, mixed evenly throughout the feathers, act as a lubricating medium. This creates a cushion that has a similar feel to feathers and down, with greater resilience and bulk.

Siliconised polyester fibre acts as a lubricant within the feather mix.
This gives the cushion greater softness and bulk.

100% Feather
100% washed, sterilised small duck feathers for a relaxed feel.

Premium mix for a luxurious soft feel.